Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hello all!

Well just as we knew, I am leaving Dos Hermanas. I am pretty sad about it. Yesterday I think I got rid of all of the water in my body from crying so hard in church. I didn´t think I was going to, but right when I got into the church and people came swarming, the river started flooding. Giving my testimony was the worst. Haha, my Bishop said to give what I could of a testimony. Ya thanks Bishop! I will miss so many people here. We are spending tonight and tomorrow night with our two close families and then I´m off. Oh ya, I should probably tell you where I´m off to. 

So for my last split as the sister leader thing I went to Jaén to be with Hermana Demayola. It was kind of sad because we weren´t with our companions for transfer calls but it was the only time we could do it. So I´m up there with her and President calls while we were planning. He says, ¨Hermana Kunz, you are going to serve in Jaén with Hermana Demayola.¨ Haha well President, I´m already a step ahead of you there! So that was pretty funny. Jaén is where it is. It´s pretty cool. Jaén is literally on a mountain. It is all hills. Whew, time to work these legs!!! I´m excited. It´s an incredible looking city. They don´t really have investigators as of now but we are going to work hard to change that. The Lord will show us the miracles.

Oh my buckets, Linda everyone. I am going to miss her so much. Listen or I guess read this amazing story. So we explained who Christ was last time and she had never heard of him. So this past lesson, we decided to watch the movie Finding Faith in Christ with her and it was in Chinese! Bang! So we watched it and we didn´t understand a single word but we were just praying the whole time she would feel something. So the movie finishes and she is quiet. We ask her how she feels and she says, ¨Canto.¨ That´s Chinese so we don´t know what she said, but then she says, ¨Don´t know how explain...feel very good.¨ Wooooow I wish all of you could have felt the Spirit in that room. Anybody in that lesson would have felt it. Incredible. We then explained to her what she was feeling and the Spirit and she just kept saying that she wanted to know more and more. It was incredible. I have never felt the Spirit that strong in all my mission. Very cool experience. I can´t wait until the day she is baptized, and even more, gets to go to the temple. She is an incredible woman.

Monday was an awesome day of work. We went to look for a less active member and two women came up to us and asked us where we were from. We explained our church and they asked us to come in. We of course went and they started calling their sisters and moms and aunts and neighbors and everyone. Well we had a gathering of about 8 women, a few men and all the kids sitting on the floor. It was awesome! We explained the Book of Mormon and with a few of the women, it was like a light came on in their heads. They were saying that it all makes total sense and of course God would call a living day prophet. We are excited to work with them. Fun little miracle.

We also had the most investigators come to church this week than we have had in a long time. It was cool to see them there. This area is growing. It has been really cool to see it grow over the last 6 months. You really don´t recognize it until you look back and think what it was when you started and how it is as you leave. The Lord has definitely showed His miracles to us here. I so wish I could stay here for a little longer but I have to trust that the Lord needs me in Jaén. Hard change though. This ward has become my family here in Spain! I will never forget them and can´t wait to visit them in the future.

Alright enough of the sad things...I am really excited to go to Jaén. It will be a great new experience. I have heard good things about the members. Well, we have less time today for email because we have a little party tonight for Elder Woodford and I who are leaving. 

Thanks for everything everyone and we´ll see ya in Jaén! Adios!

Hermana Kunz