Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola folks!

This week was really good. We went to a place called Valdepeñas to stay with the hermanas there for a couple of days to help them out. It was awesome. We found a few people to teach and we set a baptismal date. The girl is so stinking prepared. I´m excited to hear about her baptism. It´s a cute little town. Exactly like Spain.

We had an investigator come to church this week name Pablo. He seems really prepared. We haven´t taught him too much, but he agreed to come to church. And get this...he gets there and he says that his boss only comes in once a month and of course, he decided to come in today so he had to go to work. He only had about 25 minutes. The adversary is sure working hard. I´ll tell you, the power of the adversary is one of the things that has most strengthened my testimony on my mission. Every time people decide to do something right, without fail, something goes wrong. So why would he be trying so hard to get people to not do all of this if it wasn´t the church of Jesus Christ. So anyway, Pablo came in and after 25 minutes he says that he really wants to stay but he can´t. But he asked us to come over on Tuesday because he has a lot of questions. We are excited for that.

Oh boy, funny story with Linda. So Linda is that Chinese investigator that we have been teaching that doesn´t speak Spanish and little English. Well we decided to teach her baptism and we brought all the right things for it. Chinese pamphlets, several pictures of baptisms, and we practiced that morning a few times how we were going to teach her in simple terms. Well, what an epic fail it was. We ended up inviting her to be bathed. We explained baptism and told her she would be clean. That was a mistake because when we extended the invitation, she was very confused and asked why she needed to shower and what that had to do with God. Hahaha, we all had a good laugh. We tried to explain it in different words, but it was hard. She looked at the word in Chinese and hadn´t heard of it and we showed the pictures and she didn´t know. It was crazy. It´s not only hard to learn about religion when you have no background, but to learn it in a different language is even harder. We are going to try again. It was pretty funny. She will get it though!

Oh my, so yesterday at church, a member named Ricardo comes to church and tells me he bought me a present. He takes my companion and I out to his car and opens the trunk and takes out a little baby rat. I wanted to die. It was a little baby and was the cutest thing my eyes had seen in a year. But the problem is that we can´t have pets in the mission so I was devastated. I held that little guy (his name is Vadagorn...cross between Vader and Aragorn) for a long time before I had to give him back. Ricardo was mad I couldn´t take him and I´m pretty sure he is going to let him loose. I´m pretty sad about it. I wish I could have kept him. So that was an interesting part of the week. 

Well, that´s about all. Happy St. Patrick´s Day. Hope you are all wearing green. Thanks everyone for everything and love you all lots. Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Kunz


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