Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos!!!

Well, another week out here in the mission and it was great. I´m loving being here with Hermana Folsom. Everyone wonders what President was thinking putting two crazy hermanas together, but we love it because we are laughing about 90% of the time. She is awesome. Plus, she is from Seattle which is will always be a special city to me. We never run out of things to talk about.

Linda sure is progressing. She came last time and said she read the whole pamphlet we gave her but wanted some explanation.  We only wanted her to read the first part, so she is incredible. It´s fun teaching in English and trying to teach it out of a Chinese Book of Mormon and pamphlet. We are going to try to explain baptism this next time with her so wish us luck!

We had zone meeting and it was possibly the best zone meeting I have had on my mission. Hermana Folsom and I started it out with talking about having more hope in the mission. Hope, that everything will be okay. A quote that we heard from Hermana Deere was, ¨In the end, it will all be okay, and if it isn´t okay, then it is not the end.¨ That hit all of us hard. It was good to go over with everyone because it seems that everyone is just giving up hope. So we are working with them! And plus I got to talk about Lord of the Rings in it and still keep it spiritual so that was a bonus. After, our zone leaders did an incredible job. We talked about obedience, but in a different way than usual. We got in a circle and we all just talked about it. Everyone participated and we all put in our input. The zone leaders did it in a great way because they showed us that they have their trials with obedience as well, so it was comfortable for everyone to talk about how they really feel with it. Really, a great zone meeting.

After, we had splits with the hermanas in Cordoba. When we were finished we all ended up in Cordoba to switch back. Our train was suppose to leave at 3, but because of an accident we ended up leaving there at 7! Whew, we were going crazy in that little station. We literally got home and fell on the floor and couldn´t get up for a while. Love being home.

Last night we had a really good lesson with a less active and his wife. His name is Amelio. He use to be very, very inactive. Didn´t want absolutely anything to do with the church and wouldn´t let missionaries come over. But over time he has been opening up to us. It´s been a long journey with him, but now he is open to us. He was just diagnosed with Parkinsons and he just doesn´t understand why. He feels that he is finally opening up to the gospel again so why would the Lord give him something like this. We prepared a lesson on adversity and why the Lord gives us trials and what we can do during the trials. Whew, the Spirit was strong! It was good for him and as well as for me. That is something that I have been learning from my mission more than anything. When I plan for these people, I learn so stinking much and a lot of times I think it might be benefiting me more than it does them, haha. But I hope it helps them sometimes. Anyway, Amelio sure is an awesome guy.

Well, let´s see, I think that might be all for now. Oh, haha I swear I didn´t mean to do this but we had interviews with President this past week and we ended up talking about the Hobbit the whole time. But it wasn´t my fault! I know you all think I must have started it, but he started with a joke about me not being able to see it and then we ended up talking about it the whole time. Love our President.

Alright everyone, love you all and appreciate you all. Hope all is well at home and hope you all celebrated the day of the woman on Saturday :) Thanks for everything!

Hermana Kunz