Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos!!!

Great week this week. Started out in Huelva for splits with Hermana Grant. She is from my group. It´s way cool to see people from my group because we really see how much we are growing. Very fun with her. We taught a guy the Restoration and he was set on seeing the prophet before he would decide if it was true.  He was so excited to know there was a prophet on the earth, but he wants to meet him and look him in the eyes. He was a great guy. Ha, we told him we would let him know if the prophet ever makes his way towards Spain.

On Thursday, we burnt a skirt in our apartment and ate girl scout cookies that some amazing members gave us. That was an adventure in itself!

Yesterday at church was awesome. George, the kid from Italy who got baptized when he was 8 but then totally dropped out came! It was amazing because after we taught him, he didn´t seem too interested, but then he randomly showed up and asked for a Book of Mormon and what he has to do to come back. We were so excited. We are looking forward to helping him grow strong.

We also taught Linda yesterday. Holy cow people, this woman is just amazing. You have to remember that her English is very little so all of this makes it 10 times better. She starts off by saying that she has something to tell us. Well, after our fail of asking her to baptism last time, we thought she was going to tell us she wants to stop meeting with us. Then she tells us that Buddism is really big in China and that her family is from this religion. She said that it is really hard. Then she asks what the difference is between our religion and Buddism. So we explain Jesus Christ and His role. Well, she had never heard of Him and didn´t recognize pictures of Him so we took the chalk and wrote God and an arrow to Christ and explained that He is God´s son. Then we drew the earth and talked about how He came to earth and what He did here. It´s so cool cause it is all brand new for her. It´s actually really hard talking about Christ and explaining who He was to someone who doesn´t know Him. Well at the end, she said in her cute English, ¨Buddism hard...I want know more Jesus Christ.¨ Wow, I almost was brought to tears. She is so prepared. The Lord definitely brought her to Spain for this reason. I´ll tell ya, when they open up China, it is going to be the coolest thing in the world.

Well let´s see, what else. We learned how to make the Spanish dish Paella with a member Loli. It´s probably the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. We are excited to try to make it on our own. I´m learning some pretty random skills out here. All the Elders have had me cut their hair, and now I am learning to sew their pants. I don´t know why they trust me, but I have done two of them now. Slowly learning. It gets better every time, ha. Just another reason why everyone should come on a mission!

Alright, well, that´s about it. Unfortunately, this might be my last week here. I don´t like to talk about it because I get a very strong sinking feeling in my stomach. I have been here 6 months and our President doesn´t leave people in areas longer than that. I am really sad. I don´t want to even think about my mission in another area! I love this place too much. Well, like I said, I don´t like talking about it so I am going to stop. Maybe by some chance my prayers will be answered and I will get one more transfer here. We´ll see. Thanks everyone for everything and I love you all! Hope all is well and take care.

Hermana Kunz

The result of Hermana Kunz sewing pants!

Little Vadagorn, the rat! Hahahaha!

Vadagorn and friends!