Monday, April 07, 2014

Ajpril 7, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Hola everyone!

Well, here in Jaén now! Wow, where to even start. First off, leaving Dos Hermanas was one of the hardest things I have had to do. It was like leaving Italy all over again. I love so many people there and will miss them all. I can´t wait to go back. But Jaén is good too. It´s different from Dos Hermanas so it will take some getting use to, but it will be good. The Ward here is really nice so I feel lucky. The area itself is incredible. So beautiful. Since we are on a mountain, when you look out you see all these green fields and surrounding mountains. It is quite the sight. My comp is from Idaho so we are potato girls once again. Yahoo!

Let´s see, conference was great, wasn´t it? So many awesome talks! President Uchtdorf really hit home with being grateful for what we have. I really loved that. Most times people talk about how we can get through trials, but he went at it like we need to be grateful for what we do have. I loved that. All of the talks were way good. Hope everyone had a chance to watch it.

We don´t have very many investigators for me to talk about here. There is one, Pepe, that should have been baptized a long time ago so we are really going to focus on him. Other than that, we are hitting the streets finding more. Out doing what missionaries do best, haha.

Well all, I think that´s it. So much happened this week, but I can´t quite remember it all. Just trying to get use to a new area and new members. Thanks everyone for everything and hope you all had a great week. Talk to you next time!

Hermana Kunz
PS - I wanted to send some pics of my last days in Dos Hermanas. But they don´t have a place to put pics on this computer so I will have to try to find a way. There are some good ones. We had a huge flour fight at this members house that then turned into a water fight. My hair was nasty. So much fun.