Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Week two here in Jaén! It´s going well here. The ward is really great. Some awesome people. It´s funny because many of the people here were baptized about a year ago. This June is when all will hit the one-year mark and so it will be a HUGE temple trip for everyone to receive their endowments. It´s really cool to see everyone get so excited. Plus, since it is such a small ward, people are put into positions right off the bat. A man who was baptized in September of last year is the second councilor and our mission leader  was baptized last year. It´s pretty cool to see. 

Last week, we hiked up to the famous castle here. Wow, was it ever amazing! Such a cool view. This place is incredible. We are right in the middle of so many mountains. I can´t stop taking pictures. But unfortunately, none of the computers here have a place where I can send pics, so for now, no pictures. Sorry!

We are still trying to find new people to teach. It´s a bit tough here, but we keep going. President showed us a cool way to try to get the members more involved in the work so we can teach people. We are trying it out on everyone. Tomorrow is zone meeting and lucky me, I get to teach part of it. Yikes, no matter how many times I get up in front of people to teach, I always get nervous. Just can´t get use to it. Wish me luck.

This week in Spain is what is called Semana Santa...Holy Week. It is the biggest holiday here in Spain. It´s for Easter. We asked the members and they explained it as the 7 days that Christ was in Jerusalem. So everyday they have they HUGE parades all over the city ALL DAY LONG. They have tons of food and there are tons of people. Haha, President told us to get as many lessons planned as possible because it is difficult to find people in their houses...they are all out on the street. It´s interesting. We ran into part of it yesterday and I wish I could send pictures. People have these gowns on and have a super long pointy hat and you can only see their eyes. They walk around with crosses and burn things and carry big statues of Christ or of Saints. It´s a crazy week here. Should be fun and should have some good stories!

Well, that´s it for now. Hope all of you are well and hope you all have a fantastic Easter. Love this time of the year! Love you all and thanks for everything!

Hermana Kunz