Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Hello there everyone!!!

First off, I am an Aunt!!!!! I have been waiting all week to see pictures of my little you have any idea how hard it is knowing that there are pictures on your email but you have to wait?! I will admit, it was a little hard to focus. Whew!

Well. Holy Week is over and whew are we ever glad! It was hard to get people to meet with us because no matter what religion you are, you are out watching huge parades. I know I explained some of it last week with the outfits and all so I won´t go into detail about that, but let me just say it was a crazy week. Everywhere we went all day long we would run into the huge parades. They have to stop every couple minutes because people are driving the huge floats that have statues of Christ or Mary and they get tired. One interesting tradition they have is that on the Thursday of every Holy Week, in every city where there is a jail in Spain, they have a lottery and one person gets to dress up in the clothes they wear, carry a cross on their back, are in chains for the time in the parade and at the end, they are set free. It´s pretty crazy. It was cool to see another culture during the week. As far as the actual Easter goes, well it wasn´t as awesome as it is there in the States. We didn´t sing one Easter song yesterday! I was so mad. So although I love Spain, I will be spending every Easter in the States where there are Easter baskets, egg hunts, and bunnies, haha. Although one thing that was really nice was I learned a lot more about the Savior and His sacrifice for us. So it was good for me without the bunnies.

Let´s see, what all is new. A recent convert here Manolo told us he can´t come to church anymore. Long story short, not too long ago, a daughter he never even knew existed showed up to his door trying to find him. She lives in Madrid and she is now the only family he has. Well, she doesn´t like that he got baptized and told him that she wouldn´t talk to him anymore if he continues to go to church. It is a really tough situation that we are trying to figure out. He needs a lot of support right now so the members and us are working with him.

Oh, I am the new young adults gospel doctrine teacher. Yikes! I taught my first lesson yesterday and it went pretty well. But to have to do it every week...well, yikes! Hopefully it will get rid of my fear of teaching in front of people.

Well, I think that´s all for now. We had zone meeting this week and I got to teach about personal study and how it helps us in other ways besides preparing for our investigators. I learned a ton from my studies with it...most of it having to do with the Atonement and knowing Christ more. It was great.

Haha, Hermana Demayola got her ears pierced last Monday. Funniest thing I have ever seen. He gets out the machine to pierce her ears and she starts hyperventilating. But in the end she did it and it´s all good.

Thanks everyone for everything! Love you all and hope all is well!

Hermana Kunz

I finally was able to send pics!

Leaving Dos Hermanas...
Members from Dos Hermanas

At a members house after a water/flour fight

Elder Woodford who went home and I on our last day in Dos

Coolest shirt in the whole world

In Jaen...
Ha, kinda cool shot walking up to the castle in Jaén

Up on top of the castle overlooking Jaén!

Members here in Jaén

Old shoes, and so...

...I got the new shoes!