Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Hello there everyone!

Wow, what a week. Well first off, I got to go to Dos Hermanas on splits this week!!!! My word, it was so awesome. Being able to go back to my area and see and talk to some people.  It was like going home after a vacation. I sure do miss that place. So many awesome memories. Plus, I got to be with Hermana Folsom, so it was just like old times! We went over to this family Gloria and Angel´s house. They were a family I got close with so they picked me up from the train station and we ate with them. We showed this video on Easter called ¨Because of Him.¨ If you haven´t seen it, look it up right now. It is so good. It talks about what the Savior did for us and how we can always start again. It was a great lesson and Gloria felt the Spirit really strongly. She has been less active for over 20 years and her son isn´t a member. When she saw the video she bore a strong testimony that we hadn´t ever heard explaining to her son that that was why she got baptized in the church. It was so cool to hear her testimony to her son. A really cool moment. Going back to Dos Hermanas was such a big blessing and a miracle. I sure do miss that place.

Hermana Demayola has gotten a rash and has caused us to slow down a little. We have gone to the doctor, but unfortunately they don´t really know quite what it is. We are trying to figure it out. But we are still trying our best.

Thursday was a funny experience. We had to get to a lesson in 20 minutes and were far away. So we tried a short cut that we had never taken before and it ended up being a dead end. We surely didn´t have time to go all the way back and then up again so we found a wall and decided to climb up and jump over it. So there goes Hermana Demayola and she is over. Then it´s my turn. Here we go, climb up, get ready to jump off, and SMACK! Right back into the wall. My skirt got stuck on the back and I was just hanging there, stuck. I couldn´t move at all. Haha, poor Hermana Demayola had to climb up and try to get me off, but it took a while because we were both laughing so hard. So there we go...another good Laura story. Got plenty of those.

My lesson in Sunday School yesterday was about how to recognize good from evil. It was a really good lesson, especially because we could all relate with one another going through the same trials and such with our age. We had a great discussion about the many times the adversary tricks us by making something look like it is good, but in reality it leads us down a slow path of misery. We talked about ways we can avoid it, and actually the example of Joseph Smith came up. When he wanted to know if something was good or bad, he looked, studied the scriptures, meditated about what he read, acted, prayed, listened, and acted again. I´m really enjoying being the teacher in their class. It´s cool to learn together with them.

Well, that´s all for this week folks. Thanks for everything and hope you have a fantastic week. Love you all!

Hermana Kunz

Fun to be with these people again

Love my companion  :)

Maria Isabel and I reunited once again!