Thursday, April 04, 2013

April 4, 2013 - Madrid, Spain MTC

Hola familia!

Well another week down. I miss you all like CRAZY! This week was good…long but good. Oh, before I forget, I forgot the best part of the story I told you all last week about the lady who was converted but didn´t want to be converted at all. So remember how her sister was in the hospital really sick and might have died, and her family wanted nothing to do with her? Well after she knew the church was true, she went to visit her sister in the hospital the next day. She got there and the doctor said her sister was already gone because she miraculously got all better! Pretty awesome right! Anyway, just thought I would add that point in.

Last week we went to Madrid and it was great. I couldn´t stop thinking about Ralph and all our fun adventures there. It was great to think of all the memories.

This week at the park was good contacting. Kind of funny…my companion for the park was Sister Kucheruk. She is the Russian that is here at the MTC. She speaks no English at all. She is going to Russia on her mission but has to come to this MTC before. So we could talk to 4 people there…English, Russians, Italians, and Spanish. It was awesome. We talked to this really cool Thai guy, but he couldn´t speak much English. We could have used that language! We did get one really cute family that was interested and wanted the missionaries to come. Their little girl was so stinking cute!

So we have fake investigators that we have been teaching. During the Restoration lesson with our investigator Sarah, it was so cool.  I had to memorize the first vision in Spanish and when I said it her to, it was the most incredible feeling in the world. Even though she is just practice, she started crying when I talked about it. The Spirit was so overwhelming in that lesson. It was so cool.

Our other investigator, Juan Jose is so hard to teach. He is so hard because everything he does, my companion and I start laughing. Trust me with him it is hard not to! Yesterday, we taught him the law of chastity cause he always talks about how his girlfriend and him make love. It was the most awkward thing of my life. He kept making this comments and my companion and I would start laughing so hard. Oh boy, he is an interesting investigator.

For workouts, it was been really fun.  Haha I have become a sort of coach for a small group of girls here. We have been doing workouts, but not just slow running.  We do intervals and stair workouts.  I have been leading the group with them. Just my knowledge from cross country, but it sure has worked! It feels great. Actually mom, can you send me some workouts for interval workouts. We have been doing just the couple that I know so I would love some more.  Haha, they kind of hate me during the work out cause I try to push us hard, but they are grateful after. It is pretty fun. Feels good to get it all out.

Our mission president says that my companion and I are the  “poster companionship.” It´s so funny because we are so different from each other but we get along so well and have a lot of fun. I love her.

Easter was fun. We had a few great meetings…I learned more than I ever thought I could about the Atonement and we had a fun walk around the temple in the rain. I did miss waking up to an Easter basket and an Easter egg hunt though. Two years. Hopefully we have time to get stamps today so I can start sending letters. We are going to an Egyptian Temple today so hopefully we will have time.

Let´s see what else. My bathroom is out to kill me. You should see my leg. I have bruises and cuts all over it cause I always hit myself in there. Haha silly me.

Best quote I have ever heard right here. Our temple president came and talked to us and this is one of the quotes…”Our Father held in reserve His most noble sons and daughter to come to Earth in the last days. He held in reserve those who would have courage and determination to face the world and all the powers of the evil one and yet be fearless in building Zion.” Mind = blown!!!

Well I think that´s all for now! Thanks so much everyone! Love you all! Hope Easter was great!

Hermana Kunz