Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 - Laura's Last Day at the MTC - Madrid, Spain

Hola familia!

This will be short cause I only have about 10 minutes but just checking in to tell everyone my travel plans and such. Tomorrow I leave here from the MTC at 7AM for the train station and will go down to Malaga. Then we will have orientation, spend the night and go to our areas on Wednesday! Fun fun fun!

These last couple days were great. Learned a lot and had fun. The park was fun. I was with my actual companion this time so that was awesome. We just so happen to have the same skirts so we wore them. One girl asked if she had to have the skirt to join our church, haha. I also got to direct the whole group in singing. That was cool.

It is sad to say goodbye to teachers. I have come to love them here! Hermano Larrea who is our favorite asked us what we wanted our last lesson to be with him. We told him we wanted him to just tell us cool experiences about his mission. He ended up in tears. It was so touching. He told us to hold on to every second of our missions because he wishes more than anything that he could go back. Then in Sacrament another return missionary bore his testimony of missionary work and he started crying cause he misses it so much. It is so cool to see that kind of stuff.

I am really going to miss the Sullivan´s singing. They were the only MOTAB I had left to hold onto! Elder Sullivan sang How Great Thou Art on Sunday and brought many to tears it was so beautiful. We have been so lucky to have him.

The President gave us a lesson on going out in the field that was really inspiring. He talked about how everyone makes sacrifices if they are called to serve the Lord. He gave great examples of this. People like David Archuletta or this really good rugby player who gave up their whole career to serve. It´s really cool to think about. Very inspirational.

Alright my time´s about up! Thanks everyone! Love you all! Off to Malaga!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!

Hermana Kunz