Monday, May 06, 2013

May 6, 2013 - San Fernando and Cadiz, Espana

Hola familia!!!

I am here!!! Wow, it is quite crazy to think I am finally in the field. And I am in quite a crazy situation. So I am serving officially in San Fernando with Hermana Jarvis from Oregon. But Hermana Stark is also our companion right now because she is waiting for her companion who is stuck in the USA waiting for her visa. She could get it tomorrow or it could be 3 weeks. We have no clue.This means that we are a trio serving in San Fernando and Cadiz...which is Hermana Stark´s area. Haha, doesn´t happen too often where we have to serve in two areas. So we split up the time and do half and half. It is a 20 minute train ride to get from place to place. The only downfall is that we have to stay in two apartments so it is kind of annoying to be taking clothes back and forth, but hey, I´ll take it. Serving in two areas on my first transfer is awesome! Haha, it must have been from what I said to President Deere. The first day in Malaga, he had interviews with all of us. He asked me at one point during the interview what my mom would say about me if she were here. I said some things and mentioned how she would always tell me that I CAN DO HARD THINGS. Well, he must have taken that to heart, giving me two areas on the first transfer! But it is good. Very good learning experience. The train ride here was good. My wheel to my suitcase broke so that made it a little hard, but other than that, all good!

So first week down. It was a good first week. We don´t have many investigators and the ones we do have are a little difficult. The first appointment we had set, they guy ditched us. Good way to welcome me to missionary life! They just baptized a family here last week so now they don´t have anyone cause they focused all their efforts on them. But that is why we are here! Going to go find people! One awesome thing...we were in Cadiz and my companions said, "Ok Hermana Kunz, it´s all you. Pick a street and pick an apartment and we´ll go." I picked a random street and a random apartment and the guy totally let us in and we set a return appointment. We were laughing so hard after because they told me that NEVER happens.  First time´s a charm I guess!

We teach an English class which I really like doing. Oh, my favorite part is being on the street and saying hi to people. They are not use to it at all and they are always so surprised when I say it. The looks on their faces is the best thing ever.

Let´s see, the one investigator we do have in Cadiz is named Antonio. He is a great guy. We had a family home evening activity with him at a member´s house where we watched The Restoration... the 20 minute one. We talked about it after, and holy cow the Spirit was so strong! It was way awesome. I love it when you can feel the Spirit like that...especially in lessons. Means we are doing something right!

San Fernando and Cadiz are absolutely beautiful. They filmed a James Bond movie in Cadiz so that´s pretty cool. It is an island just of the coast of San Fernando. The old part of Cadiz is the most amazing thing in the world. San Fernando is awesome too. The people here are so warm and welcoming. The streets here are out of this world. So cool!

On May the 4th be with you, we were studying in our apartment when all of a sudden, I hear Star Wars playing in the next room. HOLY SMOKES do you have any idea how much torture this was?! I knew exactly what was going on in the movie and it was just awful. I wanted to watch it so bad. I had to go get my music and blast it so I wouldn´t think about Star Wars. Of course that happened to me!

On Sunday, they asked me to bear my testimony and say the closing prayer. Hope my fear of speaking in front of people goes away! The ward is great though. Everyone was so amazing. I´m excited to serve with them.

This mission has already taught me so much. I´m very excited to be here and serving the Lord! That is all for this week! Thanks so much everyone for everything! You are all great! Love you!

Oh, and sorry if my sentences don´t make sense or if I´m really bad at spelling now. The more I speak Spanish the more I realize how bad my English is getting, haha.

Hermana Kunz