Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013 - San Fernando and Cadiz, Espana

Hola todos!

Well another week out in the field! And today marks my two month mark. Pretty crazy! This week was great.

Hermana Stark´s companion got her visa so she will be coming on Wednesday. I am suuuuuper sad about this because I absolutely love Hermana Stark. For those of you who know these people, she is the exact mix of Shaylee Foley and Erin Alred. So obviously I love her. I was so happy to get this experience with her and learn from her. I will miss her a lot. And Cadiz. Cadiz was an awesome place to serve. I will definitely be visiting. It has a lot of cats. Cats are everywhere here. They don´t have homes but people feed them all the time. It´s pretty funny.

Speaking of Erin, I heard she got her call! Chile hear she comes! Holy cow she is going to knock the peoples' socks off. That´s so awesome.

So let´s see. I think I remember mentioning our investigator in Cadiz, Antonio. He has had the smoking problem. Well Heavenly Father really likes to makes jokes with me because coming out here, I was terrified of teaching the law of chastity, and with Antonio, we have had to teach it 3 TIMES!!!! Whew! We´re hoping he understands. When he went to church though, he started crying from the Spirit and got a blessing to help with his smoking. Hermana Stark said he came out beaming.

We have an investigator in San Fernando named Manolo. He is the son of a less active member, Antonio. The last 2 lessons, Antonio´s brother, Miguel has been coming as well who is not a member. So we have been teaching the two of them. Well, Miguel is an interesting guy. He doesn´t have any teeth left and he says, ¨Hombre, claro¨ to literally every single thing we say. That is a way of saying, of course. But when I say everything we say, I mean everything we say. I haven´t heard him say a single other sentence. So we got through the Plan of Salvation and I invited them to be baptized and sure enough, good old Miguel, ¨Hombre, claro!¨ I couldn´t help myself. I had to start laughing. I´m not totally sure if he was serious about it so we have to get it straightened up next time. Then Antonio, Miguel, and Manolo started fighting about whether you get baptized in the mornings or in the evenings. Us Hermanas got completely lost at that point. We were all laughing and wondering if this was all really happening. That was my first experience inviting someone to be baptized. Pretty great.

We did have a great lesson about Jesus Christ and His life though. We talked about how Christ had two purposes to fulfill in life. One was His mission and one was His ministry. His mission was the Atonement. His suffering, death, and resurrection. His ministry was His example he set for all of us, His miracles, and His establishing of the church. It was a great lesson. Spirit was strong. 

We had a district meeting on Friday and all went out to eat after. Hermana Stark and Elder Mora (zone leader) had a cream puff eating contest. They ate 17! I have no clue where Hermana Stark put all of them...she is super tiny. They finally tied cause they couldn´t do anymore. Just thinking about it makes me want to die.

During soccer, the game started getting pretty intense. So I decided to back out of this one because my super awesome skills would only make it worse. Instead, Hermana Jarvis and I set all the Elders´ phone alarms to go off at 5am. Much better use of time. The next day at church they were pretty happy, haha. Our district leader said he knew it was my idea so he is going to give me a hard topic to speak on for zone conference for revenge. Guess I wasn´t thinking that one through. Maybe I shouldn´t have chosen the phones of the two zone leaders and district leader. Haha, oops.

Next week for P-day, we are going Gibraltar to play with the monkeys and look at Africa. Should be great. We are leaving early and getting back late, so I might not make it to email. We´ll see but if I don´t write, that´s why.
This week, we are going to Sevilla for a tri-zone conference, and the President will come speak to us. I´m excited about that. Get some good learning in. I will also be going to the city of Dos Hermanas for two days to do splits. Lots of fun things ahead.

Alright all, thanks for everything! Hope all is well and I love you! Un bezo!

Hermana Kunz