Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 - San Fernando and Cadiz, Espana

Hola todos!

Well I hope all you missionary moms had a wonderful Mother´s day talking with your missionaries. I know I loved it. Best thing EVER!

This past week was great. To start things out, I forgot to mention last week that every Saturday, all the missionaries and investigators and members play soccer. It is way cool. Last week I got in for about 5 minutes and almost died. They are all so good! All of them are Spanish. Even the missionaries...we only have 1 American Elder. And one Hermana plays cause she has played for 13 years. It was insane. It was like being in a pro game. They were way intense. So I booked it out of there. But this Saturday...two days ago, I made myself get in there. Let the world know that Hermana Kunz played soccer with the pros haha. I was still awful but I figured I have a year and a half of this so I better learn!

This week, all the new missionaries had to go to President Deere´s house in Malaga. Holy mother of gondor, this place is AMAZING. It is up in the mountains so it looks over all of Malaga and the beach. It is a huge house and it has a nice pool in the back. Unfortunately we couldn´t go in. But it was great. Hermana Deere made us delicious pulled pork and we had a little orientation with the President about how our experience is going and how it can improve. It was great. And it was great to see people from the MTC, especially my old companion.

Church here is great...a little different from church in America. Relief Society is hilarious. If someone didn´t know Spanish, they would think all the women were fighting about something. In reality, they are all just talking and giving their opinions but they all talk really loud and over each other. Then, Sacrament always starts about 20 minutes late and it is like a party in there before. Everyone is talking loud and everything. During Sacrament meeting, kids are running up and down and all over the stage and nobody does anything about it. It makes me laugh every time. So different cause of the culture. It´s great. The woman who directs the music, Carmen, is the best. When she directs, she closes her eyes, puts the book down and waves her arms everywhere with her body. She gets way into it. If someone isn´t singing, she will open her eyes, snap at them, and go back to getting into it. I can never stop laughing. It is the best.

Super sad couple in the ward. They got married 2 weeks ago and the guy came home from his mission 6 months early for the girl. She got cancer when he was on his mission and she only has a couple months left to live. So he came home early so they could get married in the temple. Cool to see how they have an eternal perspective on things. It is exactly the story of A Walk To Remember. They gave a talk yesterday and I just wanted to cry the whole time. It was really sad.

Anyway, I will stop talking of sad things. Everything else is great. We are teaching our investigator Antonio tonight. We set a baptisimal date for him for the 25, but he can´t stop smoking. He is awesome though. He always talks about how strong he can feel the Spirit with us but then when we leave, it goes away. I hope he can stop smoking cause he would make a great adition to the ward.

Alright all, that´s about it for now! Love you all and appreciate all you do! Hope Mother´s Day was awesome and that you are starting your summers out with a kick! Thanks to everyone!
Hermana Kunz