Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013 - Gibraltar

Hola all! 
So I only have about 20 minutes to write this. We are waiting for a bus to go back home from Gibralter so I don´t have time to read anybody´s emails. I´m sorry, but I will have to read them next week :(
This week was great. We did a lot. Zone conference was in Sevilla on Tuesday and Wednesday. We learned a lot. President stressed how we need to help people be born again spiritually. That baptism isn´t enough. I liked that because he wasn´t focusing on baptisms like so many do but that we need to help them be actually converted. 
After zone conference, I went to Dos Hermanas to do splits. I was with Hermana Petru and we did that from Wednesday to Thursday. I loved it. I actually learned an incredible amount from her. More about how to approach people in the street and to get on their level. It was great. They have an investigator who is from America doing something for the military here so we taught him in English. Holy cow it was so weird to teach in English. It was actually pretty hard! But it was great.On Sunday one of the women in the Relief Society made brownies. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So good.
This week will be the first week without Hermana Stark. I am very sad about this, but it will be good to focus on one area. We´ll see!
It´s odd not to be running a lot at this time of year. I think it´s because for the last two years I have been training for a marathon and now Ï´m not! I miss it a lot.
Lastly, we went to Gibralter today! Holy smokes, it was so stinking fun. It is absolutely beautiful there. I couldn´t believe it! And we could see Africa from the mountain. The monkeys were so cool. They would just jump right on you. Haha, as you can imagine, they loved my hair. They would come on me and just play with my hair. One started eating it. It was so awesome. I have pictures but I won´t be able to send them today. Next week. It was great though. Definitely quite the adventure.
Alright, well I´m sorry I can´t go into more detail this week. Got to go catch the bus! I´ll put up pics next week.
Thanks all! Love you!

Hermana Kunz