Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013 - Madrid, Spain MTC

Hola todos!

Well it is my last few days here in the MTC! Crazy how time has gone. I feel like I just got here…and at the same time feel like it has been a year and a half in here haha. Weeks go by days and days go by weeks! I am leaving for Malaga on Tuesday at 7AM on a train. I don´t know what are or who my companion is yet and won´t find out until I get there. Exciting though!

This week I got pretty sick which was a bummer. It is pretty hard to stay focused here when you feel like you got hit by a train. All I wanted was a nap but I had to just push through. Good learning experience. But I feel much better now.

Last P-day, we went to the Prado which is the second largest art museum in Europe. It was pretty incredible. We also walked around a bit in Madrid and that was of course great. It made me a tad bit sad however because I kept thinking of all the awesome times here with Michael. I walked by the hostel we stayed in, the bus stop that he dropped me off at at like 4 in the morning, and I had gelato at that really good place we stopped at. Not sure if he remembers it, but oh did the memories come. Haha, speaking of Ralph, we were at lunch a couple of days ago and I just randomly started laughing super hard cause I have no idea why, but I just remembered how Michael would be sitting next to me eating and randomly lean closer, sniff, and say,¨You smell!¨ Haha, it made me laugh. Who thought I would ever miss that!

Last Saturday was great on the street.  We talked to one woman that was great. She didn´t want to talk to us at all and said that she has always been Catholic and doesn’t want to change for anything. She looked at the book and said she had seen it before and doesn´t want to read it. Then she started going on a little rant on how she respects other religions and everybody else should do the same. She said that she has hosted over 30 exchange students all with different religions…..what what?!?!?! Exchange students?!?! I got really excited. I told her that I was an exchange student in Italy and then once I said that, she all of a sudden got really excited and became very, very, very friendly. It was so perfect. Then she opened up a bit and started explaining her beliefs. She was saying that even though she is Catholic, she doesn´t believe all they believe. She was talking about how she believes that she will be able to live with her family again after this life for time and all eternity. I asked her where she thought we came from and she said she believes we came from God and we were with him before this life. Is this lady for real?! She believes all we believe without even knowing it. We continued talking and seriously, she was Mormon, haha. At the end, I told her that based on everything she told me, I thought she would really enjoy the Book of Mormon. She happily accepted it and told us she would be very interested to read it.  It was crazy! Super awesome.

Oh, haha, funny story. I was talking to an investigator here at the MTC and I asked him if he had read what we gave him. He said he didn´t and I wanted to say, ¨What a shame.¨ I knew how to say it in Italian and forgot how to say it in Spanish. Whenever I don´t know something in Spanish, I just say it in Italian and hope it is close. So I said, ¨Oh que pecado!¨ thinking that it would be close but it actually meant, oh what a sin! Haha, it was pretty funny.

Last time of going to the temple today…so sad! What a special place. This temple is absolutely incredible. The chandelier in the Celestial room is one of three in the world and when you see it, you know exactly why. It is just amazing. We got to see the whole temple and today we saw the baptistery and the bridal room. The bridal room was INCREDIBLE!!!! I have never seen anything like it. I was completely blown away. I wish everybody could see that room.

Let´s see what else. We got to watch the Joseph Smith movie this week. Haha, amazing what a mission does to you.  All of the girls during the Joseph and Emma part were aahhhing cause everyone thought it was so cute. It is like 2 minutes long, but we haven´t seen a love story in so long that it was super cute, hahahaha. Alright, but seriously, if you all haven´t seen that movie in a while, please watch it. It is so good.

Oh, last thing. Hermana Guymon and I finally had a good lesson! We have really been struggling with teaching. Everybody always comes back talking about how strong the Spirit was and how they started crying and such. We have never had anything like that, but we have been trying to be patient. Well, with our investigator Lucas, it finally happened. Lucas has been really difficult with us and always asked us these really hard questions that are impossible to answer. We have gotten really frustrated with him. Well, last night, we were asking if he has been praying and reading the scriptures and he said that he has, but hasn´t gotten anything. He says he does it everyday but doesn’t feel any different. So Hermana Guymon went to Moroni 10:4,5 and asked if he was praying with a real sincere heart. He said he thought he was. Then it finally happened for me. The inspiration that everybody always talks about. The question finally came to me! I asked him what he would do if God told him these things were true and if he was afraid to know they were. Lucas looked at me and smiled cause he knew I finally got it. The rest of the lesson went great and he totally opened up to me and we got to help him. It was the best feeling ever.

Alright, I better stop writing. Next time I email I will be out there! Yahoo! Thanks everyone and hope all is well. Lots and lots of love from Spain!

¨The Lord calls us in our weakness, but qualifies us for His work.¨

Hermana Kunz