Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hola todos!!!

Hola todos!!!

Well first week at the MTC down. And wow has it been a long week. First let me just start off by saying I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I miss everyone a whole lot. But it has been good here.  The MTC is really nice and the people who work here are just about the nicest people I have ever met. The MTC is literally right on the temple grounds. When we look out our window, the temple is BAM right there. Plus I am on the 6th floor so we get a bird´s eye view. It is so awesome. We get to go to the temple on Thursdays and boy is it beautiful. The inside is marble and looks very Spanish. I love going to the temple. Reminds me of home a lot… so it makes me sad at times, but there is such a great feeling inside.

My district here is awesome. We have a great group of kids. We are in the advanced Spanish group so they speak Spanish the whole time. Which is good for me cause I want to learn quickly. Our investigators are good. It is hard when you want to say what you want but don´t know how to say it in Spanish, but it´s good learning.  We study here ALL DAY LONG. And you all know that I go crazy if I sit too long and study too long cause I have the attention span of a fish so I am really trying to get use to that. But it´s good. I´m learning so incredibly much.

My companion is named Hermana Guymon and she is great. Very quiet so she keeps me in check. But she is the nicest girl you will ever meet. We have a lot of fun.

Saturday, we got to go to the city to proselyte. Boy was it interesting. It was an awesome learning experience. We handed out 4 Books of Mormon by the end and got two references.  One lady was amazing. We stopped her on the road and at first she wasn´t very interested. But then I mentioned Joseph Smith and she looked directly at me and then at the book. She told me to tell her more. I told her a short version of the Restoration and she asked me if I could talk to her more about it right then and there and that she didn´t want to wait. We talked for a bit and she asked if she could meet with the missionaries. Amazing how with my broken Spanish, the spirit could still speak with her. It was a very cool experience.

Sunday we had a fireside where two converts came. The husband was very ready for the gospel and wanted to get baptized. The wife however was very catholic and didn´t want to change her ways. She didn´t want anything to do with the Mormons. To make a long story short, she got baptized only because her husband got baptized and she wanted to make him happy. But she didn´t believe in any of it and didn´t want to participate. Her sister ended up getting really sick and had to go to the hospital because her temperature was 105. They weren´t sure if she was going to live. At this time, Hermana Lopez (the convert) told her family about her being baptized. They were furious. They said that she was dead to them and that if her sister died, it was her fault because she was baptized Mormon. So here she is…her family hates her for being baptized into a religion she doesn´t even believe in. She decides it isn´t worth it and she asked a Priest to come over the next day to talk with her at 12 about all of this and make things right again. Twelve rolls around and there is a knock at the door. She opens it up and who is there but 3 sister missionaries. She was very surprised and a little angry. She asked what they were doing there and they told her they had no clue, but that all 3 of them had a strong feeling to knock on her door. She told them to go away and they asked if they could just say a quick prayer with her. She told them to hurry. They all kneeled down in her house and they asked her to say the prayer. She was upset, but she did it. The spirit finally told her the truth. The church was true and getting baptized was the best choice she ever made. It completely took over in that moment and she couldn´t deny it. The Priest never showed up. Anyway, sorry about the long story. I thought it was amazing.

Let´s see, everything else is good. The food here is good. My companion is very sick so I´m hoping not to catch it. Today we are going to Madrid to have a look around. It is Holy Week here so all the stores are closed. I really need stamps but we can´t get them until next Thursday. So I´m sorry nobody will be getting letters. I got two stamps for America from the mission pres, but even they won´t get it until a while since the post office is closed until next Monday.  I love you all so incredibly much!!!!! Until next Thursday, adios!

Hermana Kunz