Monday, November 04, 2013

November 4, 2013 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos!

This week has been great. Today, Hermana Hodson and I travel to Málaga for Leadership Council. It should be fun. Plus we get to stay at the mission home which is always awesome.

So I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We sure did. Hermana Hodson and I stole our Elders´ ties and we dressed up like them. It was actually super legit! We made name tags that were their names and bought mustaches. Best thing ever. Haha, if people did look at us on the streets before weirdly, they sure did on Halloween! But it was awesome. Elder Woodford and Elder Love were pretty excited when they saw.

The family is doing well. The mom Yolanda got a blessing of health cause she isn´t doing too well. After she got it, she bore her testimony on the Priesthood and it was so powerful. She talked about how right when the hands touched her head, she got shivers and she could feel that the men had a power. She is so sure of the Priesthood. It is so cool to see her grow. The family is coming along but due to some family issues, we are still working on a date for them. They want to do it in January, but they are completely ready. They could get baptized tonight if they wanted to.

It truly is amazing to see people changing their lives for the gospel. And when they change their lives like that, they are blessed beyond measure. It´s so cool to see! I love being a part of it.

This week we were teaching a lesson to this 9 year old girl Alba, and in the room next to us they were watching Lord of the Rings. Oh my heck ya, it was impossible to focus on the lesson. Heavenly Father probably thought that was hilarious.

Alrighty all, that´s it for now! Thanks for everything and I love you! Stay strong!

Hermana Kunz
Companion and I making a delicious Halloween cake!

Elder Woodford, ¨Elder Woodford¨, ¨Elder Love¨, Elder Love

Look at those handsome men

Elder Woodford and I celebrating the 5th of November