Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hey there everyone!

Alright, so I forgot my piece of paper that says everything I want to email about so this might be a little scattered.

This week was great though. I did splits in a city called Huelva. It was super good. I found that I am a lot more bold with investigators that aren´t mine, haha. They have this investigator that they are starting with and we talked with him for a while and invited him to baptism. And he accepted! It was super cool. Plus, the city there is beautiful! I was really lucky to go over.

So, we have a family of 5 that we are teaching that is absolutely wonderful! They have to get baptized. They have been coming to church every Sunday and they are really reading in the Book of Mormon and gaining a testimony of it. It is so cool to see the changes they are making. They will get baptized soon for sure. The Spirit that is in the lessons there is always so incredible. One I have never felt before with investigators. It is so cool.

One of our lessons with them was with the Bishop here and we talked about the Atonement. WWWWOOOOOWWWW. I felt like I wasn´t even on earth anymore talking about it. When the Bishop bore his testimony, everthing went totally still and quiet. Something I can´t even explain. Everyone´s testimony of the Atonement grew by 10 in that lesson. It was so amazing. During lessons like that, I really never want to end my mission. Such a cool experience.

Alright, so today was probably the coolest thing ever. We went to Plaza España for p'day. That is the place where they filmed the last battle part of the first Star Wars. And you can bet that I made a light saber and went crazy there. Haha, I didn´t really have anything so I used a broom handle wrapped in a red shirt. It was still awesome. I put some pics on here of me killing a few people. It was so awesome. Best thing ever.

Everything else is going great. We are having a lot of fun here. This week is Halloween! Hermana Hodson and I stole some of our Elders´ ties and we are going to dress up like them for Halloween. They don´t know yet. It´s going to be fun. Hope everyone stays safe and has a great Halloween! Love you all!

Hermana Kunz

Eating dinner at a member's house

My companion and I

Star Wars!

Battling my way through...

Watch out for the Jedi Hermana

Watch out for the Jedi Hermana