Monday, July 01, 2013

July 1, 2013 - San Fernando, Spain

Another week down in the mission. It was a good one. No witch stories but that´s probably for the better. We had a zone conference in Sevilla which was AWESOME. President and Hermana Deere came. President gave some great advice as did Hermana Deere. One thing I really liked that they said was that we should pray for the ability to see ourselves as God sees us. It will help our missions in every way. We had to practice...which I front of everyone and I wanted to cry. But luckily it went pretty well. And we got some good advice.

This week we came up with a fun idea. We made chocolate chip cookies, which don´t exist here, and we have been going to every member´s house and giving them cookies as well as reading Alma 6:6 which talks about missionary work. Then we give them three pamphlets on the gospel and challenge them to share them with someone they know. It´s been fun.

Yesterday, our bishop did something a little different. He told everyone last week to prepare a talk and then he would call people up randomly to give a talk. Everyone was pretty nervous. He called all the names of people and I was chilling by a woman named Uchi, and Pablo (he just got back from his mission from Chile) turned around and looked at me and said it was my turn. Then another member Nef turned and he told me the same thing. I thought they were joking, but what if they weren´t and I somehow didn´t understand the language and everyone was waiting for me. So I got up and started walking, and they both got up to stop me cause they didn´t think I was actually going to do it. Oh boy, it was an awesome moment. The bishop was laughing pretty hard at me. I turned pretty red.

Let´s see what else...oh! Best moment of the week. We were at the bishop´s house to eat and his son is studying music in school. We were talking about what kind of music he likes to play and then he asked me if I had a favorite musical. As I´m sure most of you can imagine, I said Phantom of the Opera. He then brought piano music for it! Plus, they have a piano that is absolutely amazing. They had to have a crane to put it in their house. So I got to play Phantom of the Opera on the piano! It was the greatest moment ever. It felt amazing. I can´t wait to get back and work more on the piano. I miss it a lot.

Alright well everything else is all well! Training is going great. Hermana Cerna is great and we are learning a lot from each other. I can´t explain how much I love speaking Spanish all the time. I can tell it has helped me a lot. I´m scared to have a companion who doesn´t want to speak Spanish after this!

I am going to Malaga tomorrow to do some residency stuff and will stay at the mission home so that will be great. Plus, I will be able to see all my MTC buddies! Yahoo!

Thanks to everyone and love you! Hasta luego! Gracias!

Hermana Kunz

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