Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 - San Fernando, Spain

Hello all!

Well, I just heard that they released the Hobbit trailer and I am a little ashamed to say that I cried. Ya, my companion thinks I am straight up crazy out of this world.

This week was probably the hardest we have had on the mission. We didn´t have many lessons with people. We planned everything really well, but people cancelled on us or they didn´t show up. We did a lot of contacting this week. Plus, there is a big carnival happening here so everyone is crazy and nobody wants to listen, haha. But we stuck it out and learned a lot! And whenever I have weeks like this, I just think that if Frodo could take that much time out of his life and battle the evils of Mordor and the power of the ring, I can handle this. That´s the dork inside of me speaking.

This week we had splits and that was really good. I was with Hermana Leon from Peru and I learned a lot from her. I like splits...I always learn a lot.

Funniest thing ever...we were in a lesson with a member and her dog came out with a diaper on! I wanted to die. I had never seen it before. It was something totally normal for them though. Pretty awesome.

We were at the house of another member´s and we were talking about the famous dance here called Flamenco. They wear these awesome dresses to do it and it looks super cool. Well, the member had a dress and insisted that we put it on. So we tried it on and she had us take pics with it. She wouldn´t let us stand normal...we had to stand as if we were dancing so that´s why the pics I sent make me look a little silly, haha. But it was fun.

Soccer this week was a blast. I don´t know what got into me but I was going crazy. I was running like a maniac after the ball. Since I would always just attack the ball, I would somehow steal the ball from people. I surprised myself a lot...along with everyone else. But then once I got it, I would get so excited that I wouldn´t know what to do with it after and would just laugh. At one point, Elder Lish (zone leader) wanted to kick it from a distance. But he was taking forever to do it. So I started to charge at the ball. Once he saw me running at the ball, he ran at the ball. We were both focused on the ball and ended up totally running into each other and falling over. It kinda hurt but it was funny.

Let´s see what else...oh, we contacted this guy on the street and talked to him for a while and he brought up polygamy. I never thought I would have to try to explain polygamy to someone! The awkward part was that Hermana Cerna didn´t know that we had a history of it. So when he brought it up, she was like no no, no, we never did that! Haha, it was a little awkward to have to say we actually did have a history of it. It was a tough conversation but we learned a lot from it.

I think that´s it for now! My speakers ran out of battery so I took the batteries out and my music magically started playing. So, my speakers are working without batteries. I blame it on the witch.

Thanks for everything everyone! Love and miss you all! Thanks for your support and prayers!

Hermana Kunz