Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 - San Fernando, Espana

Hola todos!

Wow, this week was quite the ride! Where to start... Well first off, Hermana Cerna and I made brownies. Holy smokes yes that´s right brownies! American brownies. They were soooooo good. We made them for a member...even though we ended up eating a lot of them haha. It was great.

Alright if you want to know the saddest, cutest love story on the planet, stay tuned. There is a couple in our ward named Raquel and Abraham. Abraham was on a mission in London when Raquel found out she had cancer and didn´t have much longer to live. Abraham came home from his mission early to marry her in the temple so they could be sure to be with each other for eternity. The doctors are telling her she has around 3 months left to live. On Friday she had an operation done and she isn´t doing to well. They had to cut a lot of muscles because of the size of the tumor. It is so sad. We went over to her house this past week and their house was super awesome. It had Harry Potter stuff everywhere just like a brand new couple. She is my age and she is amazing. They are by far the cutest couple I have ever seen. It is so sad to watch them have to go through it though. Keep her in your prayers. She needs it.

Hermana Stark´s companion in Cadiz had to go to Malaga to do some residency stuff so Hermana Cerna and I went to Cadiz for two days to work with Hermana Stark. It was super awesome to work with Hermana Stark again. I miss that girl. It was quite the day. We first went to this lady who is almost deaf. They would talk to her and she always say, ¨What?!?!¨ Over and over and over. Haha, as most of you can imagine, once I would speak, that wasn´t a problem. By the end, Hermana Stark just told me to say everything because I was the only one she could hear. It was awesome.

Then the scariest experience happened to me!! We went to a woman´s house named Dolores. She seemed very normal when we first got there. Then she gave us a little tour of her house and that´s when things got a little weird. We looked in one room and it had candles and the Book of Mormon in the middle. Then once we started talking to her about the gospel, she would stop us right in the middle of our sentence and start talking to the air. She was saying things like, ¨Please don´t punish these girls, they are good and bring a nice message.¨Then at one point she got up and was speaking super fast to the air about something. Then she sat back down and was still speaking to who knows what. She opened her eyes really fast like in the scary movies, looked straight at me and says, ¨You have two brothers.¨ At that point I was already scared. I tried to continue to talk to her about prophets and then she cuts me off again and says,¨You are waiting for a letter from someone you truly love.¨ At that point, I just wanted to die. I tried one last time to continue with the lesson and she said, ¨You don´t want to know your future?¨I said NO and closed the lesson and we practically ran out of there. Pretty scary I have to say. I´m trying to forget it all. But now I can offically say that I taught a witch the gospel of Jesus Christ, haha. (She is in the yellow dress in pics below.)

Let´s see what else...we have had no cold water for the past two weeks because our butano is broken and we keep trying to fix it but don´t know how, and we never have any time to figure it out. I´m thinking about just not showering anymore. It is so cold.

We ate at a member´s house in Cadiz for lunch and I´m pretty sure I have NEVER in my whole life eaten that much. She just kept bring more food and more food. It was ridiculous. Every time she would bring something else, I would just look at Hermana Stark with huge eyes and she would laugh. I couldn´t eat anything for the rest of the day. I have never felt that way in my whole life and I hope to never feel that way again. Whew!

We also had a Stake barbecue. Nothing like the states, but it was still really good. Met some great people. Met some people from Switzerland and they were very excited to hear I was from there. We had lots to talk about.

Alright well hope I didn´t bore you! How could I have with the witch story. Yikes!!! Thanks to all of you and love you all! Hope all is well!

Hermana Kunz