Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013 - San Fernando, Espana

Hola todos!

Well it has been quite a week. It is transfer time so I guess I will just start with that new news. To start off, I don´t know if you all remember me at the beginning saying that I told President Deere about how my mom always use to tell me the saying I CAN DO HARD THINGS and then I got put into two areas at once. Well I think he might have taken that saying a little too literally. I got a call from President and he goes, ¨Hermana Kunz, I have quite a challenge for you. You will be training this transfer.¨ I´m sorry what?!?! So yes, I will be training a new hermana. I don´t know who she is yet. Tomorrow I leave for Malaga and will stay the night at the mission home where we will have a training. Then on Wednesday, I will pick her up and we will come back to San Fernando. I am definitely nervous. The training program takes 12 weeks and I haven´t even been here 12 weeks! Whew, but I am putting my trust in the Lord on this one. I am reminded of two quotes in the Joseph Smith movie. ¨The Lord calls us in our weakness, but qulaifies us for our work.¨ And, ¨The Lord takes raw material and shapes and refines them.¨Something like that. I always talk about how I need to have more trust in the Lord...well now is a great time for that haha. I will definitely need His help on this one. I can do it though. We are going to rock it!!!

Haha that was kind of the main news event of the week. We had a really good ward council meeting. It was actually with 2 wards. They want to build a stake center here but don´t have the numbers for it. So there was a big meeting and about two seconds before it started, the coordinator guy comes up to me and asked me to give a spiritual thought. I had to think quick! But it was good practice.

We have a new investigator who is the mother of a recent convert here in the ward. We went over to her house for the first time, she opens up the door, gasps, grabs my cheeks just like in the movies and kept saying oh how beautiful oh how beautiful! She hadn´t said anything else...she said that and right after asks if I had a boyfriend. Haha she will be fun to teach.

One thing that is super hard here is not being able to hold kids!!! One of the families here has 4 cute kids and the little boy Albero kept trying to jump up in my arms the other day, but I couldn´t pick him up! Then he started screaming and crying and it was just awful. I couldn´t hold him! I wanted to so bad. Gah that will be a challenge the whole mission haha.

Today is the last P day with the district here so we are all hanging out at the church. We made a lot of pizza, played games, and just chilled. It has been great. I will definitely miss this district. They have been so awesome! Well I think that´s it folks. Next time I write, I will have a new companion! Pretty crazy! I hope I can take this whole city under my belt. With the Lord´s help, of course I can. Here we go!

Thanks to all!

Hermana Kunz