Monday, July 21, 2014

PHOTOS! For the months of June and July - Jaén, Espana

Sara´s birthday!

What us sister missionaries do ('novios' means 'grooms')

Helping painting a house...impossible to stay clean

4th of July!

A HUGE sandwich

Results of a successful talent show

Dora the Explorer with her parents (Bishop and Bishop´s wife)

Dora with the chillens

Ice cream with´s 89 degrees here at 10 at night. Yikes!

That right - there is straight up what we ate

Yesterday we forgot that we had to wear our choir uniforms (white shirt, black skirt, and a blue scarf) so we went into the closet of the baptismal clothes in the church and threw on some man clothes and asked two guys if we could use their blue ties for scarves. The choir director wasn´t too happy, but it worked, haha.