Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Hello all!

This week went way too fast. It was a great and a busy one. To start things off, I ate snails!!!! It was interesting. They weren´t too bad though. The family gave us a cup full of them in their shells and you just had to slurp them out of there!  The secret to eating them was not looking at their little face before slurping. 

Boubou unfortunately can´t get baptized right now. Because of his family and him being Muslim, he can´t do it. But he said he wants to in the future when there aren´t problems. He will definitely be baptized some day. He is progressing a lot and is gaining a testimony of Christ. It´s cool to see him progress through it all.

We had an awesome lesson with Dani this week. We talked about the need for the Atonement in everyone´s life and he asked the perfect question. ¨How can I use the Atonement right now in my life?¨ Ding ding ding!!!! After that question, the Spirit was strong and it took us through the whole lesson. It´s so crazy to think of him when we first started meeting with him and looking at him now. I will be honest, the first couple times we met with him, I gave up hope, but he is doing so stinking well now. Just shows that you never know and we can never give up with these people. It´s a slow process with Dani, but he is moving forward.

We also had a good lesson with the Cruz family. They are inactive in the Ward and the dad never listens to us. This time, we taught the 10 commandments to the kids with fun hand signals and we made the dad read the commandments. Well, afterwards when we were just talking, he kept the Book of Mormon and was reading from it the whole time we were talking. Hermana Volpe and I were just smiling at each other the whole time. It was awesome.

Let´s see what else...two of the new investigators we found this week are named Alejandra and Celia. They have lost just about every member of their family possible. Alejandra is Celia´s grandaughter and their story would have just about anybody in tears. They explained how they have lost all faith they ever had before, but that they would love to have it back again. We are excited to go back to them and teach them to help regain their faith. They are prepared.

One of the families in our ward got sealed on Saturday. The parents and five kids. Plus, another couple just had a baby! Great week in the ward of Jaén. 

Well, that´s all folks. I´m going to try to get some pics this week cause it hasn´t worked the last few weeks. Hope all is well there at home and thanks for all your support and prayers. Love you all!

Hermana Kunz