Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos!!!

Wow, was Christmas awesome! Holy cow! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a blast. For Christmas Eve we were at a member´s house and we ate well, sang karaoke, and did a lot of talking/shouting. It was my kind of Christmas Eve. Then for Christmas day we went to an American couple´s house and spent the day there. Holy buckets, are they the best! We got there and they right away gave us Elmo and Cookie Monster PJ´s and told us we had to spend the day in them. It was just like Christmas at home. I couldn´t have asked for a more special Christmas.

Now we come into New Years! Crazy that it is already 2014. Time sure does fly.

So this week after Christmas, we went on splits with the sister missionaries in Huelva. I went there to be with Hermana Johnson. It was awesome. She is from my same group that came out together and she is a crazy good missionary. It was cool to learn some new things from her. We had the most insane experience ever. She was told that there were people in the forest that would listen to us. So we go, and it was literally into the depths of the forest. There were all these big boxes with tarps over them. Then we saw that people lived in them! Literally boxes. It was insane. There were hundreds of these boxes everywhere. A few people came out and we sat in chairs talking to them and then it just started to pour rain. We were getting soaked. Well, we found out that the people were Muslim, and we had a great conversation, especially the fact that we were women. It was quite the missionary experience. I felt like I was in Africa...actually the city calls it Africa of Spain. It was awesome.

But, it was a great split. I always love splits because you can learn so much from each other. 

One of our less active members finally came to church yesterday! We went to pick her up and she had just gotten out of bed, but she told us to wait and then she got her kids and came! It was awesome. She had a good experience.

We also found a cute mother and two girls that we are going to start teaching English and the gospel to. She is pregnant and due in January 9th so it might start out slow but they are the most perfect family in the world. We are really hoping they go somewhere.

Alright, well that´s all for now. Hope everyone has a great New Year! Watch the video, New Years: Look Not Behind Thee. It´s awesome. Love you all and thanks for everything! All of your support helps me in this great work!

Hermana Kunz

Caroling  :)

Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning with Hermana Wilcox and Laura (and Scott) Beu, the American family who we celebrated with. They gave us Christmas pj's and stockings with lots of Christmas goodies and fun.