Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Feliz Navidad todos!

Holy cracker jacks, Christmas is the best thing in the world!!!

Well, we made our goal as a mission this week for finding 800 new investigators. Complete miracle! Hermana Wilcox and I worked really hard and found some new people. We are excited.

Yesterday, we ended it in an awesome way. We took a VERY long time to cut out a ton of snowflakes and make signs for members, investigators, and less actives and we went around putting them on their doors and running. The best part was that we wore Santa hats and I put my speakers in my jacket and and played Christmas music the whole way. It was so fun. And tonight we got a group together and are going to go caroling! See...Christmas is the best.

Yesterday we played soccer and based on what one of the members said who is a doctor, I am very lucky to not have any broken bones right now. Haha, I took a bad fall. Everyone is calling me superman cause I was flying. I have some pretty bad scrapes and bruises but no broken bones and that´s what matters!

We went over to a guy Newton´s house this week..the Hermanas and the Elders. He is a really cool guy from Africa. Well, he wanted to say the prayer at the end and wow. It was quite interesting. He started shouting and speaking in a language that nobody had heard of. It was crazy. After, we were all so grateful for prayer and to know how to correctly pray. We felt the Spirit immediately when we knelt down that night.

Let´s see what else....we had a Christmas party for a group of 8 year old girls. That was fun.

Well, that´s it for now. The Christmas Spirit is strong here. I love being here for Christmas. It really causes me to focus on what Christmas is all about and to find the real spirit of it. Serving everyone here at this time has been so awesome. Well everyone, I hope you all have a great Christmas and remember the reason for the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!! Love you all!

Hermana Kunz