Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos!!!!

Well, another week down and let me just say, I stinking love Christmas!!!! The Spirit of Christmas is the absolute best. Everyone is in a better mood.

Well let me just say that the Hobbit came out. Whew, I wanted to die that morning. It was tough. So I decided that if I couldn´t see the Hobbit, I was going to be one instead. So I put on the most Hobbit colors I had and then I cut out a leaf and pinned it on my shirt and then took my Lord of the Rings one ring keychain and made it into a necklace. To finish it off, I drew hair all over my feet. Then we made a Hobbit hole and slept in it that night. Well, we went out and we had a straight up miracle day. Holy smokes, it was so awesome. We found a new inactive guy who hadn´t been to church in forever and he told us it was time for him to come back. Then we found a new person to teach whose mother died not too long ago and when we bore testimony of the Plan of Salvacion...whew, was that Spirit strong! So we are excited about him. We also got in with 2 people who we have been trying to contact for 3 weeks now. It was such a miracle day! Then we came home and the Elders put up one of those huge wall posters of...yes, the Hobbit. It was awesome. So what I thought was going to be the worst day of my mission turned into an AWESOME day. Haha, it´s cause Heavenly Father knew it was going to be hard so he sent me some blessings to remind me why I love being out here as a missionary instead of watching the Hobbit. My whole Ward is not being very nice about it though. They all love letting me know that I can´t see it for another 9 months.

What else...oh we saw two robberies in one day! We were walking down the street and this guy came shooting past us with a box in his hand and was followed by 3 people from the store running. Crazy! The other wasn´t as exciting.

This week is a week of finding. As a mission we have a goal to find 800 new investigators. Well, I don´t know how other missions are but that is a VERY high goal for this one. So everyone be praying for us. We will need it!

Today we made gingerbread houses!!!! It was so awesome. Well, I think that is it for now. Love you all and hope all is well! Thanks for everything.

Hermana Kunz
Ice skating!

Carriage ride!
Hobbit hole, hehe

What the Elders put up in the house

The making of gingerbread houses

Final products!