Monday, September 02, 2013

September 2, 2013 - Elche, Spain

Hello all!!!

Well, what a week. It started out pretty awesome. We went to a less active woman´s house that we randomly found. She hasn´t been to church in over 20 years. Pretty awesome. So we are starting fresh with her. We started by getting to know her a little more and she has 80 brothers and sisters!!! Hahahaha, I asked if they were all from the same parents and sure enough they were. 40 brothers and 40 sisters....this woman is a little bit old. So we start the lesson and mention how Moses was a prophet. She goes, "Oh yes, Moses! I know him. He use to teach me with his big tablets." That was the end of it. I couldn´t hold it in. Hermana Cameron and I were in tears trying not to laugh out loud. It hurt so bad trying to keep it in. It was totally silent for about a minute cause we were trying to get a handle on ourselves. We get through the lesson and we ask her to say the prayer and all in one breath she goes, "No I can´t, it won´t come out right. Ready, dear Heavenly Father...." We were pretty confused. It was a pretty great lesson. Haha, she will be fun to teach.

Let´s see, what else...we made brownies for English class and everyone loved us. It also rained buckets outside. It was so much fun. Running in the rain is the best feeling ever.

I finished the Book of Mormon this week! I love that book. I´m so glad I get the opportunity of sharing my testimony on it every day of my mission. I was reading through it and marking all the tender mercies of the Lord that I saw. Boy are there many! It is so cool to see how the Lord really does have His hand in everything that they did and everything we do. Something stuck out to me and that is all the bad things that happen in the end of the book. Here in Spain, it seems that everyone has the problem that there are too many bad things in the world and why would God let this happen. But I think that part of the reason that God does it is to see who His real disciples are. We have to trust in Him that even through these bad scary things that go on, He is always watching over us and we just need to trust. It´s hard at times, but we can do it. It was cool.

Oh, before I forget...President called on Saturday. It´s transfer time and we were not expecting a call but sure enough, we got one. So, I am a mother of two now, haha. We will be in a trio and training a new missionary! It will be quite the transfer. Three missionaries who are all still pretty new. We have to go pick her up from Málaga, but only one of us can go, so we are thinking Hermana Cameron can go since I have had the experience twice and she hasn´t. It´s crazy. Training two missionaries. I am definitely going to need the Lord more than ever now. It will be fun though. We will all need patience and love. It will be a great experience. Hermana Cameron and I are excited.

Well, I think that´s it. Oh wait, guess who is taking the spot of Hermana Isrealson in the other ward in Elche?!?!?! HERMANA GUYMON!!!! Holy cow, I practically cried when I heard the news. I am so excited to see her again and to be serving in the same city as her!!! My Hermana Guymon. Love that girl.

Well, thanks everyone for everything. Hope all is well, and thanks for your love, support, and prayers. Hope labor day was a blast for all!

Hermana Kunz