Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 - Elche, Spain

Hola todos!!!

Well, here we are again. Hope all is well over there in the States. Cool things happened this week. The biggest news is Esmeralda. I´m not sure if I have talked about Esmeralda a whole lot, but she is the woman who wants to get baptized but lives with her boyfriend and has a child with him. She doesn´t love him at all and has wanted to get out but doesn´t have anywhere to go. Her mom floats around house to house cause she doesn´t have one of her own and Esmeralda just met her dad a month ago. She has a tough situation. So we went into a lesson with her on Friday and she said she has some news. She says she wants to move out and get baptized. So today we are going over to her house to go over the baptismal questions and we are going to help her move tomorrow into her dad´s. And she said she wants to get baptized this Friday. I was in complete shock when she told me. Blown away! I really hope it all works out because she made the decision so fast so I could see it all blowing up... especially because the adversary is really going to be working on her. GAH, so scary!!! I want her to just have a happy life. She has gone through just about everything. She needs peace. It´s pretty cool though...changing her life for a better one. We are very excited about everything! Good things happening!

Oh, and we finally contacted this guy we have been wanting to forever. When we run in the mornings, we always see this guy walking so we talked to him a while ago and then we ran with a Book Of Mormon every morning. But he went on vacation. So we were running with this book every day for a week. Then FINALLY we gave it to him! It felt great. I hope it goes somewhere cause he is really cool.

We had a lesson with Diego...the miracle that we found a few weeks ago and it was good. Haha, but I should definitely never say the prayer with him again. I started saying the prayer and he started chanting when I would say his name or God. And for all of you who know me, this was not a good situation. I coughed a lot during the lesson let´s just say, and my face was very red. It took everything in me not to burst out. It´s just that he was saying the craziest things! He will learn though. It´s going to be great.

We had a family home evening with Gracia and watched The Restoration. Wow, was the Spirit strong. I always feel the Spirit when talking about Joseph Smith. And it´s funny how the lesson can be going so bad and then when someone says the first vision, the person can´t take their eyes off you and the Spirit is just like PSHEW!!! I love it!

Everything else is great. Had a good zone p'day today. Played some ultimate frizbee...forget how to spell that.... and basketball.

All is well over here. Hope all is well over there and stay safe!!! Love you all!

Hermana Kunz

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