Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 - Elche, Spain

Holy week of miracles!!!!!

Holy cow, I am so excited to write this email I can hardly punch the keys on the keyboard!!!!

So I hit my 6 month mark on Friday and guess how I spent it? Let me tell you....

So, I mentioned last time that our investigator Esmeralda told us she finally wanted to move out so she could get baptized. We were so excited. We set a date for Friday. Nothing was coming up. There were no apartments for her and her two kids. So plans changed and she told her boyfriend that he should move out. He tried looking for a room, but because he is Muslim, nobody trusted him. It´s pretty sad actually. He found a lot of rooms but nobody wanted him because of his religion. So it was Thursday night and we hadn´t found anything. Then we found out a member of the ward was renting out rooms so we called him and he said he would talk to Esmeralda about her boyfriend moving in. We went to Esmeralda´s and nobody would tell the boyfriend so I had to work up the courage to tell he had to move out. I thought it would be the death of me telling him. But, tender mercy of the Lord, he said he would if it was what she wanted. So the next day we didn´t know what was going to happen. Then Esmeralda called and told us that her boyfriend didn´t have residency here in Spain and the police found him so now they might have to ship him back to Moroco...keep in mind that this could have happened at any point in the last 8 years, but it just so happened on the day of the baptism. She also told us that she went to the doctor because she might be pregnant. Holy smokes I was freaking out. I tell you what it was so hard to have trust in the Lord at this point. But we decided to keep going with the plan. She had her interview, we called everyone from the Ward to tell them about it. We called the mission leader and he made all the programs and called everyone about giving talks and all. It was 4:00 and the baptism was at 8:00 and we still didn´t know. We went over to the church to fill up the font. We were just having faith that everything would turn out. Everything was done. We just had to wait. We finally got a call from Esmeralda and she said that her boyfriend moved out, she was not pregnant, and he went to a lawyer and was getting everything figured out to stay in Spain. She was getting baptized.

Eight o'clock rolls around and we picked her up, but she really wanted her boyfriend to be there to see her baptized. He didn´t get off work until 8:30. So we stalled a little, but it was time. We started. We got through the talks and he still wasn´t there. Then the mission leader called me up to speak to make more time. Oh man, I wasn´t expecting that! I got up and talked to her and of course me and my good old self got a little emotional, and her and I ended up crying. Then we missionaries sang a beautiful song. We sang ¨Lord I Would Follow Thee,¨ and it was so cool because she was crying the whole time. And I´m telling you...we had angels singing with us because it didn´t sound anything like what we practiced. It was so stinking cool. So it was time to get her baptized and the boyfriend still wasn´t there!!! She walked into the bathroom to go in, and he walked through the door. Aaaahhhhh, how awesome is that?!?! So he got to see her baptized. She got out of the font and I ran into the bathroom. It was one of the coolest sights I have ever seen. She came out holding her heart, crying. She could hardly get her breath. I, of course, broke down again. The Spirit was so strong. We all hugged her so tightly and all got soaked.

It was one of the coolest miracles I have ever seen. To not know three hours before if it was all going to work out and to have the Lord provide a way. It was truly a miracle. To do all that we did in just a couple of days was not just good luck. God wanted her baptized and He knew she was ready. It was so cool to see her come out of that water. After all this time of investigating, she finally took the step. She changed her life. When she got the Spirit it was so cool. Her smile on her face was something I will never forget.

Miracles do happen everyone!!! God is a God of miracles. Such a cool experience. My testimony grew so much from this. Gah, it was so awesome. Well, this was the big thing of the week. We also taught a class on missionary work to the ward and that was fun. And let´s see...Spaniards love snickerdoodles.

Thanks everyone for everything and hope you are all doing well!

Love, Hermana Kunz