Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - Elche, Spain

Hola todos!!

Well, we had our week of miracles...that´s what the mission called it. Last email I think I mentioned how as a mission, we had a goal of 555 new investigators. Well, they counted it up last night and the final total was...558!!! Holy cow, it was crazy. This is the first time this has ever happened in the history of the Málaga, Spain mission. Maybe for other missions, this number would be child´s play for a week, but for here, this is an enormous number. Truly a miracle. After experiencing this, nobody here can deny that the Lord didn´t have His hand in it. Super awesome!

One guy we found is named Kley. He was a reference of a member named Alexandra. We went over there and talked about how families can be together forever. We then asked if we could come back and he said yes. That night, I was talking to one of the Elders and he was asking about our new investigators and I mentioned Kley. Elder Webb didn´t believe me. He kept telling me that he knew I was joking. Turns out, many missionaries had tried talking to Kley but he wouldn´t let anybody say anything to him. He is a very strong Catholic and didn´t want anything to do with us. So the fact that he listened to us was a true miracle. Really awesome.

And a miracle with Gracia. We taught her about faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost and we invited her to baptism. She was a little thrown off and said it was way too early for that. We invited her to a baptism that went on last night and she came and after, we asked her how she felt. We asked her if she could see it sometime in her future. She explained how she had butterflies in her stomach the whole time and she said that she knew it would be in her future. She just doesn´t want to rush it. Words can not describe what emotions came over me. It was so cool! It´s cool to think that we started teaching her a little after we got here and she is progressing! She is bettering her life for Christ. That is what a mission is all about! It´s a great feeling.

Another cool miracle was we went to visit a reference we had and nobody was home. It was an apartment complex so there were many different places in there. Because it was a reference we had no clue what this guy looked like...only that his name was Diego. So nobody was home. We looked in the distance and saw a man with his son walking down the street and we decided to wait and contact him and then leave. Well, he got closer and closer and then he came right to the door we were at. We asked him his name and he said Diego!!! Now you tell me that in all of Elche and in all the times we could have come and it just so happened to be the same time he came home that the Lord didn´t help us out. So we talked to him for a while and then gave him a Book of Mormon. Wow, was he excited to take this book. It was so stinking cool! Gah, got to love the tender mercies of the Lord.

Well, there were many cool stories from this week, but I won´t mention all of them. The important part was that we really did see the hand of the Lord in missionary work. It was a cool week to be a part of.

That´s about it for this week! My companion is just about the coolest person on the planet earth. I wish we could spend our whole mission together as companions. We Idaho girls gotta stick together!

Thanks to everyone and love you all!

Hermana Kunz

1. Crazy fruit here
2. One of many...
3. District party with the fireworks.
4. Little bit of Utah in Elche.
5. Big group on top of castle in Alicante
6. Queen of the world
7. Haha mother daughter pic...showing her the way hahaha...
8. Oh boy!
9. Cookies!
10. Pretty Elche at night.