Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013 - Elche, Spain

Hola todos!

Well, it´s been quite a week! First off, I know now exactly why Spain is in such a crisis with their economy. The answer is fireworks. WHEW!!!! I have never seen a firework show as I did this week. As I said in my last email, it has been festivals all week and on Tuesday was the big firework show. Oh my gosh people, this thing was insane. A member let us go on the roof of his apartment complex so we could see the whole city and I was completely blown away! Not even joking, this firework show was crazy. There were literally fireworks going off in every part of the city. Everywhere you looked were huge fireworks. Then the real show started. They set people up in all parts of the city and for an hour straight, fireworks were going off everywhere you looked all over the city. And they were fireworks that I had never seen before...they were insanely big!! One firework would go everywhere! And it was a constant flow of them. Imagine in America, the grand finale for a whole hour and that is what it was like, but times ten. All of us couldn´t believe our eyes. Then for the big finale, they turn off all the lights in the whole city and they let off what they call the palm tree. It is a GIANT firework that lights up the whole city. So stinking cool. Then everyone gathers and sings the Elche song so you can hear singing throughout the whole city. 4th of July will never be the same, haha. It was by far the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Zone conference was also this week and it was really good. President came which always makes it good. Haha, we had to leave our apartment at 5:30 in the morning to make the bus to Alicante and when we left, I turned to Hermana Cameron and said, ¨We aren´t going to see anybody this early in the morning.¨ Holy smokes, I couldn´t have been more wrong. Because of the festivals, there were a lot of parties. But they were right in the middle of the city outside on the streets! So we were walking through the streets and there were dances going on on all sides of us. 6 am and all ages were out. We even saw a dance going on in one street for people who were 70 and up! Haha, it was crazy. Lots of dances and lots of people. It was pretty cool to see the culture. Love Spain! At Zone Conference, we worked on asking inspired questions and Hermana Cameron and I were the lucky ones to practice. Holy smokes, to have President staring right at you while trying to think of inspired questions is about the most nerve racking thing in the world. But it was good practice for us.

Let´s see, what else...oh we had a cool miracle! We went to go look for a person that we contacted on the street but she wasn´t home and so we got our member list out and found a guy who nobody from the ward knew who lived in the same building. We knocked on the door and an old woman opened up. We asked for the man and she said that he recently got into an accident and had died and that she was his mother. She didn´t look good at all. She started crying and we asked if we could come in and share a quick message with her. At first she didn´t want us, but then she thought for a moment and told us to make it quick. Turns out, she was baptized over 20 years ago but went inactive and nobody knows about her. We shared a message about eternal families and it was so cool to see the knowledge come back to her. We asked her if she remembered the Plan of Salvation and she said no. Then we shared the part about where we go when we die and how we will see loved ones again. She started crying more and said that she remembers now. It was so cool! It was as if she forgot and we were just there to remind her. She told us we could come back and we´re excited about that. Truly the Lord leading us to where we needed to go.

This week is a big week for the mission. We are trying to get 555 new investigators as a mission this week. That means 7 new investigators for every companionship. CRAZY! But we are going to work hard. President prayed about it and came up with a plan for every day. If we stick to the plan, we can do it! It will be a week of miracles. It will be crazy!

Esmeralda got a blessing this week that was amazing. Felt the Spirit so strong during it. The Priesthood is so awesome! I love seeing it used. So that was a cool experience.

Well, that´s it for now. We are going to a castle in Alicante for P day. Should be great! Hope all is well with everyone and love you all!

Hermana Kunz