Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola otra vez a todos!

This week was great. I have a new companion, Hermana Folsom. Holy cracker jacks, she is amazing! I am super excited to have her. People say we are the same person, just different hair. We are having a lot of fun and working hard.

Well, we started off this week saying goodbye to Hermana Wilcox. That was pretty tough. On Monday night, we spent it with a family in the ward. The Villa family. They are one of those families where you wish they were a part of yours. They have 4 kids and are a lot of fun... always have something to laugh at. Then I said goodbye to Hermana Wilcox. She will be missed.

We found a new investigator named Linda. She is from China and has only been here since September. She knows no Spanish at all, but speaks a little English. She contacted us because she wants to practice her English with us, so we have been helping her out. Well, we share the gospel with her as well and boy is it interesting. She knows nothing about it. We talked to her about prayer and she didn´t know what it was. We gave her a Book of Mormon in Chinese and tried to explain it and she hasn´t heard of the Bible. It's actually super cool. It´s like teaching a young child. I haven´t ever had to go so basic as to how to explain who God is or what the Bible is. It´s a really good experience for us. And it´s cool when she prays cause she has never done it before and she is so real with it. We love her. 
We also went to this 15 year old kid's house who is going inactive. There we found his cousin who just came over here from Italy. Well, he has lived there for 12 years and barely remembers Spanish so guess what I got to do?! Speak in Italian! He is getting ready for college and wants to learn English so we made a deal. We would teach him English if we could teach him out of the Book of Mormon...but in Italian! So we have an appointment with him on Wednesday. Pretty awesome.

Yesterday at church was one of the most interesting days ever. Our Bishop changed giving the Sacrament to the end and the talks for the beginning so that messed us up a little. But then our little investigators wouldn´t come to church unless they could come with their birds. So they brought their birds with them. It was pretty funny. Then our Bishopric and Elder Adamson sang a special musical number, but the Bishopric had never heard of the song and they didn´t practice before. Pretty awkward couple minutes. There were just so many things yesterday. Haha, Hermana Folsom was pretty confused. One to remember that´s for sure.

Hmmmm, what else. I think that´s it. Today we are going back to Plaza de España where the Star Wars part was filmed, and just like last time, I'm bringing my light saber. But this time I'm bringing two so we can fight. Should be awesome.

Well, I think that´s it for now. Love you all and miss you all! Thanks for everything!

Hermana Kunz
Burning Hermana Wilcox´s boots on her last night with our investigator and his mom.

Being a ridiculous missionary

Silly district

The Elder's baptism this week. Funniest kids ever.