Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos!

Well, what a week!

First it was Valentine´s Day and it was fantastic. The elders and us hermanas went around to members´ houses and heart attacked them. Then at night, Hermana Wilcox and I decided to have a romantic dinner on our roof and just enjoy the full moon and the stars. It was incredible. And at the end, we burnt a few shirts. Plus, it was nice because it was one of our last nights together. Speaking of, my new companion is Hermana Folsom. I know absolutely nothing about her so I´m excited for it. We will see on Wednesday! Sad to see Hermana Wilcox go, but excited to get to know Hermana Folsom.

We found a new family that wants to learn English. They are the sweetest family. It is a mom and two kids. The little boy is 4 and is the cutest thing in the world. Everytime he gets something right, he jumps up and down all excited. We are excited to teach them and to get into the gospel with them. We were very lucky to find them.

A member, Ricardo, was in the hospital for a surgery so we went to visit him on Tuesday. This is the man who is non-stop making fun of me for just about everything, but when we went to visit him, it was the calmest I´ve ever seen him. We sang him a song, and I couldn´t believe it but he started to cry. Haha, I wish you all could know this guy. The fact that we saw Ricardo cry is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was pretty cool. We  had dinner with them last night and he was back to normal...finding whatever he could to make fun of. They are one of our favorite families.

I was reading a talk and I was thinking about how the beginning of the mission is always so hard for people. Then after a while, it gets better and people end up loving their missions. At first I just thought it was because we become accustomed to the life here. But from reading the talk, Elder Bendar talks about how our burdens remain the same but people are strengthened so the burdens become light. Missionaries don´t just get use to the life here. The Lord strengthens them through their work and makes the burden light.  That´s why we end up loving this so much. Don´t know...just a thought I had.

Alright everyone, well it´s a new week and a new start. I am super sad to see Hermana Wilcox go. I reeeeeeally don´t want this change to happen. She will be missed for sure. She is an awesome missionary.

Thanks everyone for everything and we will catch you all next week!

Hermana Kunz

At leadership conference...almost everyone there now is from our MTC group. It´s a fun reunion :)

P'day at a castle says ¨Read the Bible¨

Heart attacking everyone!