Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos!!!! Well another week in the mission field! This week was a really good one.

Well, I will start off with the bummer news. Laura and Scott have moved!!!! They are the cute American couple that we stayed with for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh man, we are so bummed! We went to their house one last time on Thursday and had a good time. We even made them an anniversary dinner because it is this week and they will miss being together. It was great. Scott got a job in Antarctica, and Laura and their little girl are going back to Texas. It is the worst situation in the world that just makes you want to die for them. Hard separation. We will definitely miss them! Keep them in your prayers because being away from family for that long is hard.

So, I went to Valdepeñas this week. Whew! It is cold up their! It´s a beautiful city though. We had some great lessons. One made me think a lot. We were teaching this guy, and his roommate came in and sat down to listen. We gave the first lesson and at the end, gave the baptismal invitation. The one guy accepted it, but his roommate just sat there in silence. The Spirit got so stinking strong at this point. The room was just filled. I wish you all could have felt it. Just incredible. So this guy says that his family is all Mormon, so we asked him if he thought they were happy. He said that they are the happiest people he knows and he knows it is from the gospel. Then we asked if he wanted that same happiness. Whew, the Spirit just kept getting stronger and stronger. He sat there for a while and then told us that he was baptized a long time ago, but wants nothing to do it now. He just shut it down. It was sad because the Spirit was so strong and then he just slapped it away. He felt the Spirit and then shews it off. We were talking about how that happens and how it is so hard to see people who could have so much in their lives, but then shut out what will bring it to them. The girls there are going to work with him now though.

One of our cute 8 year old investigators Alba moved away this week. We had one last lesson with her and we taught about  how a man was waiting in the water for God to save him. A boat comes to help him, but the man says he is waiting for God. An airplane comes, but the man says the same thing. Well, he ends up drowning. The moral of the story is suppose to be that God works through other people a lot of times, but we hadn´t said that part. Well, Alba had 2 friends over and before we could say the moral of the story, one little girls face got super shocked and said, ¨So God just let him die???!!!¨ Haha, it was pretty funny. We cleared everything up, but just her look made us giggle afterward.

Alright, well those are all the highlights of the week! Next week is the council in Málaga.  We are thinking of doing splits with Jaen afterwards since it is so far from here, so I might not be able to email next week. We will see. Hopefully we will get a little time. Love you all and thanks for everything!

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