Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 - Dos Hermanas, Espana

Hola todos otra vez!

Back at it again with another week. This week was really good. We did two splits. One I stayed here in Dos Hermanas, and the other I went to Sevilla. It was a great exchange in Sevilla. We met with a man who doesn´t want to believe there is one church and we had a great discussion. In the end when we invited him to baptism, he couldn´t accept that he had already been baptized, so we invited him to pray about it. He sat there for a while and the Spirit got really strong and he said he would. Oh wow, it was such a cool lesson.

So we did some missionary work in Sweden! There is a less active guy named Manuel, and I have talked about him before. He is really trying to make a change so that he can come back and make it to the temple. Anyway, his girlfriend is in Sweden...she just moved there and doesn´t know the language or anything. She is less active as well, but she really wanted to find the church there. We called the mission office in Sweden so they could call her. She was living with a friend also from Spain who is not a member of the church. Well, the missionaries weren´t calling her and she was waiting for so long. But one day she was just walking along and she found the church on the street! So she went and her friend wanted to come, so now the missionaries are meeting with them both! They have to have someone from the ward translate everything. It´s so cool! Missionary work everywhere!

My nametags got stolen last week in church by this family so I had to go the whole week as Elder Warburton. He said it was better having some kind of nametag than having no nametag at all. So I was an Elder this week. I ordered new ones. The family did give me back one of them though.

Alrighty, well that´s all for now. This week, I´m going to Valdepeñas to do splits with the hermanas up there. It´s going to be coooooold! Thanks everyone for everything and hope all is well. Love you all!

Hermana Kunz