Monday, September 01, 2014

September 1, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Hola todos!!!

Well, smarty pants me forgot my agenda to remind me what to say so we´ll see how this turns out. This week was great though. We´ll start off with something funny...
The Elders had splits this week with the Zone Leaders and so we decided to play a little joke on Elder Easton. Juan Rubio is a guy in our Ward that was baptized a couple of years ago. Before getting baptized, he was a drug lord. He has tattoes everywhere, bald, and is a huge guy. He is quite scary to tell you the truth. So we talked it over the night before, and on Friday we told Elder Easton we had to go up the hill from the church to meet for a lesson, all four of us. We are walking up and Juan comes out from the car and goes to Elder Easton asking for money. Elder Easton says no and Juan Rubio looks at him for a long time with a look that makes you want to shake. Juan asks him if his parents have money and then points to a tattoo on his arm and says, ¨ You know who this´s Satan.¨ At this point Elder Easton wanted to die. Juan plays around with him a little more and asks for his name tag and Elder Easton tries to give him a card. His hand was trembling passing it over. Juan looks at it and says,¨ Oh you are Mormon...I am too! I´ve been to the temple and all. And guess what, these three and I are playing a joke on you.¨ It was awesome. Elder Easton took a little bit to believe him and to realize that it really was a joke. It was perfect.

So anyway, Dani is going so great. Haha, he came up to us on Tuesday in our lesson and was asking us all sorts of church history because he has gotten into watching church movies. We didn´t know much so he felt like the king of the world. He just keeps opening up and opening up. Sometimes I think it´s all part of a crazy dream.

Saturday night was awesome. Our last lesson of the night was with a family that we found the week before. The mom´s name is Eva and she has a son and a niece that live with her. The niece and her friends had come to a few activities we had this week and on Saturday, the Elders gave Eva and her two year old son a blessing because they aren´t doing too well with their health. It was really cool to be there. Especially for the little boy. There is a strong spirit when a blessing is being given to a little child for health. She really loved it. After the blessing, a couple of her friends showed up and we asked if they wanted to join in on a lesson we were going to give. Turns out that the husband had been baptized when he was younger and use to go out with the missionaries. It was a perfect tender mercy to end the week.

We also found a woman in a cute town outside of Jaén that was baptized in 1995 that didn´t know where the church was and we are going to start teaching her again.

So like I said, great week this week. The Lord is really blessing us big time. Alright, well shoot I can´t think of anything more. Sorry I forgot my agenda. Hope everyone has a fantastic week and love you all! Thanks for everything.

Hermana Kunz

Couple pics from the cathedral today: