Monday, June 09, 2014

June 9, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Holy todos!!!

Well this week was a bit long and lots of walking for us, but hey we are missionaries. We started off with a birthday party for me and an Elder who are one day apart. We got our faces stuffed with cake and the whole 9 yards so I would say it was a great birthday.

Yesterday we were eating with some members and the wife made this delicious flan. Well it was in about a 9X11 pan and we ate half with everyone that was there. The husband is a jokster so we always go back and forth and I ended up betting him 5 dollars that he couldn´t eat the rest of the flan. So knowing him, of course he takes the challange. Wow we were all watching him ready to throw up ourselves but he totally did it. At it all. Whew! I will never bet with him again that´s for sure.

Dani is going well. He had some doubts this week about everything because he talked to some people, but we still have some good hope for him. He keeps talking about a desire that he has but doesn´t want to tell us what it is. Guess we´ll have to use the Spirit on that one! We are looking forward to seeing him this week because we made some pretty strong promises to him if he did his part.

On Saturday we were trying to find new people and we knocked on an old man´s door and had a great experience with him. He was 92 and wasn´t too interested in learning more, but we got to talking and found out that his wife had died about 2 years ago. I can´t even tell you how great it felt to testify of the Plan of Salvation and that he would see his wife again. He got big tears in his eyes and got a picture for us to see. It was something we all needed. Even though he won´t meet with us now, I know we helped him a little that day and that was worth everything. I can´t wait for him to get a testimony himself.

Well I think that´s about it everyone. Yesterday in my lesson it was about the Priesthood and boy did we learn a lot about it. We went into the whole life of a person and talked about how we use the Priesthood throughout every age of our lives and how our life is one big circle. It´s cool to think that without it, there would practically be no purpose for the creation. I´m really enjoying teaching that class. Learn a lot from it.

Well thanks everyone for everything and hope all is well! Have a great week!

Hermana Kunz



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