Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Hola todos!!!

Well we had a miracle this week! Well lots of them of course, but two really good ones. We were struggling this week. Lot´s of walking and little success in trying to find people. We went and saw Dani with a guy named Santi who is 25, just about Dani´s age and it went super well. Santi invited Dani to come to church and he came!!!! It was so stinking good to see him there. Everyone was freaking out because they have all heard about him. And the stake president came to visit and during his talk, he said that he wanted to talk specifically to those who have not been baptized. He said that he invites them all to go home that day and pray to know if they need to be baptized and he promised they would get an answer. Then he bore a really powerful testimony on prayer. It was so good!!!! So we were really excited for Dani. I know he felt the Spirit. It was impossible not to feel it in the room. We will see him again tomorrow and I can´t wait to ask him about his experience.

Plus later that night, we went to the church and a member told us that her friend was coming to see the church and he wanted to know more. He showed up and his name is Boubou. We sat down with him and he told us that he sees us almost everyday and has always wanted to ask us about ourselves because he sees something different about us but has always been too nervous to do so. So when he found out that this member was from our church, he took action so he could meet us. He is Muslim but is so open to everything. He said he really wants to know more and wants to meet with us. It was so cool!!!! So God really did bless us yesterday after a hard week. Testimony definitely grew about enduring through the hard times because we will be blessed for all of our efforts.

The ward here is just amazing. I wish you all could meet them. We feel a part of them. And they feel comfortable with us. We are so lucky really. I´m so grateful to be here in Spain on a mission. The Lord is blessing us and will continue to do so. Thank you everyone for all your support and love while I´m out here. Hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July!!!! 

Hermana Kunz