Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014 - Jaén, Espana

Hola todos!!!

Well, guess what....I officially get to speak Italian again! Wow, is it amazing. I did get the Italian to train and her name is Hermana Volpe. My word has the Lord blessed me. She is incredible. We are having such a good time together. We speak Spanish in the streets and for missionary things, but other than that, we go back and forth between Italian and English because she really wants to learn English. It´s super cool though because any time she has a question or doesn´t know a word, she speaks to me in Italian and we go from there. I´m so blessed to have her. She is incredible. And the cool thing is that she lives about 20 or 30 minutes from where I lived in Italy. I have been to her city and we even know one person in common. It is just so stinking cool to have her.

So this week with her has been great. We started off going to the Cruz family´s house and it was a great lesson. They are inactive and don´t want to come back, but they usually let us stop by once in a while to talk. Well, most of the time while sharing a spiritual message, they are looking around not paying too much attention, especially the dad. Well this time, we shared a message on the Restoration and when we said the First Vision, their eyes became completely locked on us. It was so cool! The Spirit just filled the room. We then asked them if they had testimonies of Joseph Smith and they all said that they knew he was a prophet. It was definitely the best lesson we have had with them and we saw some real progress. I keep on saying it, but there is just so much power in the First Vision. I love giving it because it is guaranteed that the Spirit will enter the room.

Hermana Volpe can cook like a champ so we made this homemade bread for Manolo´s birthday and surprised him with it. We are still working with him on coming back to church and trusting in the Lord and His plan for him. We have a lesson with him tonight and have a good one planned so we are hoping for the best.

Let´s see other than that, everything is going great. We are loving it here and loving the crazy Ward that we are in. They are all awesome. Thank you all for everything and hope you have a great week. Love you!

Hermana Kunz
My new companion from Italy and I!

We made this delicious bread!

Picture of where we work everyday. It´s beautiful!

Classic Hermana Kunz, haha